*We offer a simple fee system. No hidden costs

Our structure lets you know exactly what the cost is before your treatment

Further treatment packages are available and can be added after discussion and agreement with your EmergyDent Dentist.

Stabilisation Pack


Urgent appointment Fee Features +
Simple Semi-permanent Fillings (mercury free)
Cosmetic front tooth build up
Loose teeth splinting
Refix or reconstruct temporary crowns & bridges
Denture adjustments
Painful Wisdom teeth: localised treatment
Bleeding gum treatment: Full mouth Scaling and debridement
Infected Extraction socket treatment
Orthodontic: Traumatic Brace adjustment
Suture removal and placement
Sensitive teeth treatment

Extraction Pack


Urgent appointment Fee Features +
**Extraction of simple incisors, premolars, molars and split roots

Abscess Pack


Urgent appointment Fee Features +
Surgical drainage of abscess or infection
Emergency removal of nerve via access and drainage through tooth


*Due to high demand on services Urgent Appointment fees are non refundable within 24hrs of scheduled appointment slot.
**Extraction pack excludes complicated surgical extractions such as impacted teeth.
Any treatment is subject to final agreement with Dentist.
Please see T&C’s for full conditions & refund policies.